All Star Team

Raptors Level 3

Age 8 and younger

The Airborne Cheer Elite “Hummingbirds” is our Tiny level 1 team.   Hummingbirds train twice a week for 2 hours.  This team competes in local competitions as well as some requiring travel.

All Star is an exciting world of training, competition and travel. Athletes train year round, and commit to each season. A tryout/ evaluation is required. Typically these teams train 3-6 hours a week. They compete at 8-10 competitions and demonstrations a year.  All Star cheer requires a high degree of dedication from the athlete and support from the parents. 

Airborne Cheer
3009 S Phillips Ave
Sioux Falls, SD 57105


Age 14and younger

Falcons is Airborne’s Junior Level 1 team.  Falcons train twice a week for 2 hours. They compete in 7-8 competitions a year and travel is required.

Thunderbirds Level 2

Age 14 and younger

The Airborne Cheer Elite “Eagles” is our Junior level 3-4 team.   Eagles train twice a week for 2.5 hours. This team competes in 8-10 competitions. All competitions are required and some will require travel.



Contact Us

All Star Teams require travel to Local, Regional and National competitions.  All competitions are mandatory. There are All Star Levels for all age groups. If interested in All Star, please contact Coach Jason (our owner and program director) at 605-553-4835, and he will be happy to set up an individual tryout.

Ravens Level 1

Age 14 and younger

The Thunderbirds is our junior Level 2 team.  Thunderbirds attend 2 practices a week for 2.5 hours, will be competing at 8-10 competitions this year. Some may require travel.